I've numerous of virtualhosts to aid numerous of client domain names. I wish to give a feature to my core application that needs a few mod_rewrite rules to be relevant to ALL individuals domain names. Ultimate way I've to date would be to add the guidelines to my global httpd.conf, and add both of these lines to each single virtualhost:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteOptions Inherit

However it would clearly be more suitable to do this without needing to edit every virtualhost. Can there be in whatever way to create my mod_rewrite rules affect all virtualhosts without editing them?

Well, this might not affect you, but when you've got a large amount of virtualhosts which all theses virtualhosts share common stuff you could use mod_rewrite to complete the virtualhosting and also have just one file:

Search "Mass Virtual Hosting" in this document and you will read this one for additional detailled good examples (going in the simpliest someone to the main one having a file mapping domain names and document roots).

For those who have some very specific designs on some VirtualHosts you can't handle them within this system, but when you are able to group your handled domain names by types (with identical designs for every type) this can be used system.

Concerning the 'simpliest' way, this really is not the simpliest because it actually need large changes and tests. But it will likely be a real simplier system after these changes if you're controlling clones.