I must do inspections from a development and release database and do that by hand, that is both slow and never 100% reliable (I only aesthetically inspect the tables).

It is possible to fast and simple method to compare table schemas instantly? Possibly even an element that performs this built directly into SQL server?

Edit: I am evaluating structure only, appreciate pointing this out.

Data or structure or both? Try RedGate sql compare or data compare. Both of them have free tests and therefore are awesome.



I am a fan of SQL DBDiff, that is a wide open source tool will compare tables, sights, functions, customers, etc. of two cases of SQL Server databases and produce a change script between your source and destination databases.

You will find some commercial items which do this Visual Studio 2010 Premium Edition compares schemas.

Many others:

For any free solution, you should use SQL Server Managements Objects to output the DDL script for every table, view, index, SP, UDF, etc. You'll be able to compare, in both code, or utilizing a diff tool like WinMerge.

you are able to have a look at http://cdttools.com/2011/10/sql-diff-erence/ its an inexpensive alternative, will walk schema between two databases and let you know what is transformed. After that you can use SQL Mgmt studio to create "script->As Alter" to construct change scripts. (caveat: I authored it)

You should use the SQL Management studio tools to "Generate scripts" from both databases. Then make use of your favorite text comparison tool to determine any variations.

Within the past, this labored great, however in SQL 2005 the generate script code transformed and also the objects were no more produced within the same order, therefore the text comparison is less helpful. I haven't examined this in additional recent versions of SQL therefore it might have been fixed. You may also try http://exportsqlscript.codeplex.com/ which i've combined with good results to output the DDL as scripts for source code control and evaluating versions.