I've got a client who would like to have the ability to upload/update images on my small website within the simplest possible way.
My website is coded in HTML &lifier CSS only to date, it is possible to quite simple method of doing this? Can there be some kind of program available easy to use enough available that i can apply for free or can you recommend I create my very own option? Anything fundamental is going to do.

All advice welcome

Possibly using Nicedit is really a good option. It uses only html css and javascript and it has a built-in upload function that uploads images to imageshack.

You would not need any server-side coding.


Since HTML and CSS are static, you are gonna need to involve PHP (or some type of server-side processing) sooner or later. The best place available is Uploadify.

In my opinion you'll need some server page (PHP, ASP.Internet,JSP etc..) additional. Your server page will have the ability to keep submitted image to server hard disk drive. If you would like, you can include an admission to a database table also. this can be used data to show a listing of submitted images later.

An example enter in PHP is here now http://world wide web.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp

what you would like here's an interactive web site. HTML and CSS alone aren't enough with this job: you'll need server-side coding (like PHP) to attain what you would like.

Anyway this really is pretty fundamental, so you shouldn't be afraid to code this on your own

be professional

use uploadify

The easiest way implementation smart for me is always to perform a simple PHP upload script for your own server or flicker. After which a php script that shows your images out of your server or flicker.

You will find lots of guides, just google php image uplaod and/or php flicker upload.

Coming in internet marketing from the different approach (not technical, ideally you would employ PHP or something like that).

Would you invest the pictures they would like to edit inside a devoted folder with sepcific names and provide them FTP use of it. They might then upload the brand new images with similar names because the original copies and overwrite them?

Make sure they merely get access to that folder though through FTP.