I’d just like a visual database tool that will permit me to gain access to multiple database types in the same program. I’m searching for something that supports Mysql, PostgreSQL, and Derby. Other things it supports is really a bonus.

If you're able to get ODBC motorists for the databases (ought to be offered by the DB vendor) you should use MS Access. If you would like something free, I suggest SQuirrel SQL Client. It's implemented in Java, which means you need JDBC motorists (usually available too free of charge) for every DB that you employ.

Possibly DbVisualizer?

I believe you may be thinking about Sparx Enterprise Architect. It might assist with reverse engineering and creating fancy diagrams. It really works with everything else you can get motorists for however your database are natively supported.

Vision for Enterprise Designers could perform the same.

I understand very couple of who support Derby however they support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird yet others...

Take a look :

Take a look at AquaFold's Datastudio. It's designed in Java, therefore it can access any DB which has a JDBC driver, plus they offer free licenses to spread out Source designers.

"SQL Anywhere" from Sybase.

RazorSQL supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, Derby, and a number of others. It's relatively inexpensively and it has a lot of features, and that i haven't found every other tools with better Derby support. For whatever reason, many of the other java based database guis don't support Derby perfectly.