We've two websites with various domains. One of these is really a wordpress site. Both websites get their own authentication system.

With regard to convenience, it had been made the decision to possess a single authentication for website and using session snacks. I looked about this and also got to understand about Single Sign Up. Can anybody let me know how you can implement SSO when among the website is really a wordpress site(if the makes any difference)? I'd highly appreciate if any help comes.

Really quite simple really. In the non-wordpress site, you need to simply result in the login form connect with the wordpress database and appearance the consumer-provided qualifications. Wordpress uses an md5 password hash, so make certain you hash the customers password using the md5() function before passing it towards the database. Handle the return results normally.

One note, make certain that the database user has permissions in the hooking up host. If both sites are located on a single server (and IP), it will not be an problem regardless. Otherwise, you have to make certain the database user either has permissions in the second IP or from everywhere ('user'@'%').