Like a software developer, I've done many web site programs and been doing blog for my programming encounters. I must use pictures oftentimes. Pictures worth 1000 words and they're universal language!

You can make your own clip art images or download graphics(really most are open clip art/image libraries available, Open Clip Art Library as example). However, your some time and art skill are limited and you will only keep limited library of images.

If only if there's any open art/image library internet sites with permanent references available to ensure that you simply give a simple reference inside your html page such as this as being a way you could use others or site's graphics:

<img src="http://OpenArtLibray.internet/icon/work/DoItYourself.png".../>

In by doing this, there's you don't need to spend your time to download and upload images with no waste in your along with other computer's disk spaces(no duplication). Only one place with a lot of number of images available, and open for individuals to make use of, or with a few reasonable costs. People may election the recognition of art/images too.

Can there be such type of site available?

Typically sites discourage this. What this does indeed is change the bandwidth cost towards the hosting site. There has been cases when sites with pictures have examined the referrer to find out if images are associated with using their company sites, then servering a picture with text declaring the look has been 'stolen'.

The purpose of that, may be the idea is not perfectly loved.

However, some sites like w3c, permit you to connect to their certification images. Everything is dependent on what you're connecting to.

It's tough to think about a company carrying this out, because there does not appear to become a revenue aspect.

Even when some were billed costs, there's lots of work involved with checking/verifying that has compensated, via referrer texts. Perhaps you have a brand new strategic business plan.

Update: Oh, I've got a friend who always transmits me emails with links to flickr. Maybe their license allows you connect to images on the site. Something that you should take a look at.

Update: This text, "photo hosting sites", creates a fascinating, relevant search.

Thank you for Chris explanation. I possibly could accept it as being a answer. However, I elevated this because I truly tend not to "steal" images. I can tell it's tough to charge costs, but you will find some many open assets available on the internet. Really, I discovered one Open Clip Art Library, which permit individuals to lead and share images. I discovered many good pictures there and downloaded. I might lead some after i create images for my blog so I'll let individuals to use my.

Flickre is definitely an open social spot for people store and discussing pictures. As lengthy as pictures are shared there, specifically by people, I believe you should use and link images there. Still you need to do the job: creating and uploading. Really, I attempted another open social site known as as DropBox. I can produce a public folder there and add my pictures for discussing. All individuals sites have one prevalent problem: personal account and might not be available if inactive for several time period (3 months for DropBox?).

This is exactly why I requested this within StackOverFlow. I really hope many people may have heard some hosts available or other alternative possibilities. Maybe it is similar to Chris stated, "the concept is not perfectly loved".

Really, I recognize that Open Clip Art Library I pointed out during my previous email provides image hosting-like service. Should you click any a person's picture download link, it'll open a brand new tab or window to show the graphic. The display has its own URL. I've produced a brand new user title and posted my picture. It really works well. I'm able to range from the graphics during my test web site. Unsure how lengthy the URL is going to be there. It appears like permanent one.