I've got a website I submitted recently to some shared server account with an Apache 2.2 Server. My website is really a Django site serving Adobe Flex webpages, but to the very best of my understanding, it has nothing related to the issue I am presently experiencing. I am confident its a configuration trouble with the Apache server that we do not have treatments for.

This is what happens: Basically obvious the cache by myself browser, and prevent all activity of my server application for 10-fifteen minutes, then attempt to access this site, its begins coming back files however stops before all of the files are came back. It sometimes fails on the static file (after already locating a lot of static files) and often it does not return a Django dynamically-produced file - there is no pattern. However on subsequent visits towards the site everything's OK. It'll from time to time fail such as this in other situations too, despite the server application ready to go, but generally always as referred to above, after i obvious my browser cache to ensure that all files need to be retrieved, after which I actually do so following the server application continues to be inoperable for some time. As I have attempted to describe to technical support there, its not good if the initial trip to a website is really a a guessing game proposition, since most people just will not return.

What exactly within the Apache configuration might be leading to this - several possible things? I am just attempting to steer technical support there within the right direction.

Why I understand its an Apache problem, I can tell the GET's for those individuals files entering the server within the raw access logs, the files that aren't came back, and static files aren't handled by my Django application whatsoever (the .htacess file only passes demands to Django for files that do not exist.)