I've purchased a ipad website and it is gone to live in my server. Now i've attempted to create an addon domain, but it doesn't focus on my first hosting account. On my small second hosting account it really works, but on that server there's another ipad website and so i don't believe this really is wise to complete due to exactly the same ip adresses.

So adding an addon domain doesn't work and also the website is lower now! I've added something ticket, however i think this can cost a minimum of 8 hrs before i have your call answered.

Can anybody let me know how bad to my serp position in the search engines. The web site happens to be on page one. Will this 404 error do bad to my website?cOr could it be easier to put the site on a single server because the other ipad website?


It's not ideal for everyone a 404/timeouts, however, your ratings should recover. You pointed out the sites will vary. Moving the website to another server/IP should not matter an excessive amount of as lengthy as possible minimize the down-time from the stated process carried out (and really should most likely be preferred over down time, if at all possible). I wish to ensure this really is conveyed, but don't show site #2 as site #1 for the short term because you will experience duplicate content issues.

If you do not have diabetes already, you may open a Google Website owner Tools account. It provides you with some diagnostics regarding your outage (e.g. the number of attempts Google attempted, the came back response codes, etc..) and when something major happens, that is unlikely, you are able to request re-inclusion.

I believe that it is very bad when the 404 is because of an interior link. I am unable to let you know anything about which server you need to host it on though, when i have no clue in the event that scenario isn't good. Would you possibly host it around the one server, when the following expires, host it after that?