During my company, we have been transforming .internet "Internet Sites" to "Web Programs". I've get to be the go-to person with this task.

To be able to make this happen, I produce a new project, copy all of the files in the "SiteInch and can include them within the project, and run the "Become Web Application" tool to produce the "design" files. This really is totally awesome, however, I still have to by hand add library and repair references to my new project to complement the references within the "SiteInch.

Can One automate this method too?

CLARIFICATION: I believe this question might be generalized as: Can One copy references in one Versus project to a different?

CORRECTION towards the above: Really, it doesn't generalize by doing this because "SiteInch references are stored within the web.config file while "Web Application" references are stored within the project file.

You actually can. The project file (.csproj, etc) is definitely an xml file. Should you open the project file inside a text editor you will notice a piece named ItemGroup. There you will discover your references.