I am running Sitecore 6.3.

I've got a Sitecore Package that was initially wrongly produced on the internet database rather than the actual database.

The database is lengthy gone and I wish to import this package into my new Sitecore instance, but encounter the issue, the Package will get into the Web database - whereas it is important it will get imported in to the Master database rather.

I attempted modifying the package by hand by altering file names and references, but went into problems when posting the package.

I came across the Serialization feature of Sitecore 6.3, however it only enables me to p-serialize products which already exist, as well as in my situation the actual database does not possess the item.

What's the easiest method to move products from Web database to Master?


You should use the "Transfer Item to a different Database", which you'll get in the "User InterfaceInch -> "Database" menu.

Just login towards the Sitecore desktop, switch to the net database and open the pointed out dialog. It'll request you for that source products/node along with a destination... that´s it :)