This question appears to become running incredibly slow (25 seconds for 4 million records!) on Sybase v10 in a clients database:

Select max(tnr) from myTable;

With tnr being the main key.

Basically run it 1000x on our server however, it appears to visit fast (15 ms...) making me think it is because the query outcome is cached. It is possible to method to disable the cache with this query (or entire database) in Sybase to breed this issue?

I attempted:

call sa_flush_cache ();
call sa_flush_statistics ();

But did not appear to have the desired effect.

Regrettably dbcc cacheremove won't act as it doesn't obvious lower the web pages from cache but instead removes the descriptor and places it back around the free chain.

Apart from restarting the information server the only method to do that would be to bind the item to some cache after which do your results then unbind the item that will remove all of the pages from cache.

Try dbcc cacheremove