I've got a strange problem and that i cannot decipher it: I am including -js files within the body. There's little else. First the first is jQuery (32.4KB) that is downloaded from Google's servers and also the second the first is also jQuery (same file, 32.4KB) that is downloaded from the server.

And .js file from bing is DLed like 5 time faster. And I am speaking nearly the "receiving time." Not DNS research, hooking up, waiting, etc, but plain receiving. I understand that Google clearly has good connection but my (i.e. my server's) isn't slow at all - I recieve like 1MB(megabyte)/sec.

This is actually the screenshot of firebug internet graph: http://postimage.org/image/42dsog185/

I woudn't worry if .js file from google could be DLed a little faster, but 5 occasions?

Any ideas what is wrong or how you can look much deeper in to the problem to obtain the answer?

Thanks, Erectile dysfunction

Google always serves their pages as gzip encoded in case your browser supports it, which Opera does. In case your Apache server isn't set up with mod_deflate then it won't compress the bond. Is it feasible that this is actually the situation?

You can examine the headers that the server is delivering. When not delivering:

Content-Encoding: gzip

then that describes the rate difference. Here is a guide to configuring [cde].