I wish to create a small web application (small=4 organizations, 3 html forms, login, email and cron) but I have got no server to host it. Let me operate in Java and MySQL so I have got the next dillema:

1) Basically visit GAE I'm going to use something apart from MySQL. Could it be worth learning this "something other" and what could that be?

2) Basically visit EC2 I'll have the ability to go to whichever I would like but I'll inherit all of the sysadmin time costs. Could it be well worth the burden?

Also, which of individuals cost less presuming which i have site visitors daily?


For the needs, both GAE and AWS ought to be free (see GAE free quota and also the quite new free usage tier for AWS). Thus money should not be worth thinking about but time is really. Exactly what do you want? Investing time learning something totally new or investing time giving what you are already accustomed to?

Getting began on GAE is not that complicated. Hence I'd suggest that you just try it out. If you do not feel totally comfortable, it should not be too hard to maneuver to EC2 (or any root server).