I am unsure if this sounds like a suitable question for StackOverflow. I've got a friend show wants an easy "Sales brochure Ware" site. I possibly could allow it to be for him but it might be better if he could keep it in check themself. What are the services available that permit a non-technical person to produce and keep a simple site? I am thinking only a couple of pages - contact, about, home with a few photos and general info. Younger crowd really wants to sell some stuff but I am likely to suggest he is doing this using EBay but the site will be a handy reference for potential clients who wish to learn more about him and the services.



You're searching for a Cms (Content management systems).

You are able to construct your own software, try something open-source, or go the easiest way, and opt for SaaS: software like a service. Something which meets your needs (according to that which you told us), is one thing like Shopify. It handles your items, orders, but additionally has functionality to handle static pages.

agreed using the Content management systems comment @Phil Search

if you're a true non-nerd choose the five minute install of wordpress

so simple. Shopify wordpress plugin?