I am presently using smartformer component for joomla 1.5 and also have been facing a strange situation out of this component. This is actually the scenario:

I've produced market research form while using component because the user logs to the site they'd begin to see the welcome page and there's a control button named "Take Survey" then when they click this button they might start responding to the questions. More often than not the shape will show effectively, however for intermittent reasons it might neglect to display. What your just likely to see in your browser is actually blank I attempted to refer to this as code around the file which will render the shape:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

but no errors are now being displayed.

I am very unclear about this, it's tough to trobleshoot and fix cause no messages are now being displayed of the items was really happening.

Can there be anybody who could encounter exactly the same error before? Any possible solutions could be greatly appreciated. :)

Surely your best choice here's your error logs. Using your hosting user interface (cpanel, plesk or similar) you need to have the ability to download your server's error log. Out of this you need to have the ability to see exactly what the exact error would be that the server is going through. Your user interface may in addition have a 'last 100 errors' listing - but this really is less helpful unless of course you decide to go there directly after going through the mistake yourself.

Exhibiting errors within the browser on the live site is not the easiest way of debugging while you essentially disclose potentially dangerous information to those who have no use for the helpful area of the error message.

Should you really must switch on error display in Joomla please so with the /administrator/ area's global configuration options. But don't forget to rapidly turn it well off again. I stress this process is just helpful if you're able to reproduce the mistake dependably inside a couple of clicks.

Without searching at the error logs listed here are my 'top 3' guesses regarding the likely reason for a good intermittent error:

  1. You're most likely striking a memory limit and also the server is killing the procedure. Enhance the memory_limit in php.ini in case your hosting setup enables this.

  2. A timeout - when the page is not finished within x seconds your server kills the script process. Generally this provides a script headers not finished message.

  3. Another resource limit has been hit - CPU usage, database queries.

But - ultimately your error logs are the friend.

We have already recognized the main one that's leading to the issue. The smartformer does not fully load the entire form especially the part which will redirect visiting the survey form that the customers ought to be filling so our resolution would be to just produce a separate custom module which will redirect to survey form. We do not fully realize what's really happening around the process but when i stated it seldomly happens and that we require a resolution more sooner than tracing the bug because of a busy deadline, however i really appreciate individuals who provided me their ideas. You will find really plenty of stuff that I am gaining knowledge from everyone hope you'll continue supporting forums such as this. )



You have to boost the memory_limit in php.ini. Memory_limit should be more that 64M for Smartformer.