So how exactly does Drupal support a way to update and review an internet site prior to it being released?

Will it only permit you to preview a webpage at any given time before you decide to publish it or it is possible to way to produce a site with multiple pages, evaluate it after which publish it?

Is it more beneficial or simplest to produce two Drupal Sites and push the items in to each other regularly (like a publish method)?

You will find some modules that permit this functionality on one site.

  • The workflow module enables you to definitely invoke hooks when content types are produced, edited, released, ect. I personally use this on the production site to inform me when new submissions are produced in order to publish it.
  • Another module may be the revision moderation module. You are able to allow customers to edit nodes, but new revisions get into a queue for approval rather than being released immediately.
    1. You are able to preview each page at any given time before posting it, but that's generally-user controlled. Seems like you would like much more of a 'writer submits to editor who proofs and publishes' model?

    2. Workflow module is all that's necessary for your functionality. It will likewise involve a few user roles (author, editor, etc.). This can be a model done many occasions, it can be done fairly easily.

    2.5 Also Modr8 (Moderate) module might be easier:

    1. Managing a test website is appropriate for site (code) development, less just for posting content.

    The workflow module can help you accomplish this. It interacts using the actions module.

    I setup two roles: author and editor, the authors submit their content and so the editors can review and publish this content, when they don't wish to publish it they are able to place it as needs work meaning the author have to redo after which submit this content again prior to it being examined again.

    The experience module implies that this content is obtainable through the appropriate roles because the content moves with the workflow.