Google Application Engine offers free quotas of just one GB outgoing traffic daily and 6.5 CPU-hrs (with different 1.2 GHz Apple x86 processor) daily.

How can individuals free quotas rival website hosting plans? For instance, the traffic based on the free quotas -- is the fact that generally greater or under the traffic based on an average $5/mo hosting that is shared account?

Across the free quotas, Google charges $.12 per GB outgoing traffic, $.10 per GB incoming traffic, $.10 per CPU-hour, $.15 per GB storage monthly.

How can individuals amounts translate to normalcy website hosting plans? For instance, the traffic that may be based on a $40/mo VPS plan and $200/mo devoted server plan, an amount shiny things cost on the internet Application Engine?

Yes, it is dependent on lots of factors, but when anybody has any ballpark estimations or encounters they are prepared to share I'd really be thankful.

I am attempting to decide between Application Engine and standard website hosting for any DB-backed Python site. The website will begin small, but when the traffic develops I wish to see which will be a more sensible choice long-term.

While you say, it is dependent on the lot. Not only the website you need to host, but who, particularly, you are evaluating it to. To provide you with a tough idea, I host a website that will get from 20k to 30k pageviews each day on Application Engine, also it costs me 17c per week. That's for added storage within the default quota - other quotas are very well inside the free zone.

So far as specific evaluations go, as we take a look at Linode, for instance, their base plan's $20 for 12GB of storage and 120GB transfer monthly. At Application Engine prices, that will set you back for the most part $16.20 monthly - presuming it had been all outgoing traffic. Should you choose under that inside a month, it is you less. Clearly, you do not have all of the flexibility on Application Engine you have having a VPS, but you might also need better scalability and reliability.

The comparison is rather simple to other hosting services. I believe Application Engine will normally emerge ahead, so mostly your decision comes lower to in case your application is appropriate for Application Engine.

Guy in case your application has already been in python opt for application engine! You can not request for any more reliable, scalable, efficient platform to host with. So far as the $ goes you can't beat it. I'm focusing on porting all of the programs I've written to python now to make the most of google application engine. Imagine, forget about vps worries about server issues. Make the most of it!

Do this free diagnostic. It compares Azure / AWS / Appengine and informs you which platform you need to use as well as for just how much: http://world wide