I have never needed to purchase hosting for any PHP/MySQL atmosphere before. Usually I simply need .Internet hosting alone. If I have ever endured a sql after sales It's my job to located it myself. Wouldso would I setup the MySQL hosting (for example hostname, qualifications during my config)?

I am presuming they offer these details?

It is dependent in your host companyOrset up.

You may create databases and setup user/pass by yourself if you have a user interface.

Whenever you buy Light hosting that is shared, they simply produce a user interface account (typically CPANEL) for you personally.

Form here, just in case of cPanel, you may create MySQL database, customers and hang their passwords. Typically there's phpMyAdmin software installed to gain access to your MySQL databases over Internet.

Couple of companies create one MySQL database for you personally and share credential particulars along with you. They've different databases for every customer.

I am presuming they offer these details?