I am creating a site ontop of the wordpress 3. database but is getting trouble comprehending the implementation of posts/draft/auto-draft/inherit/revision. I do think the first save (although not auto-draft?) from the publish becomes the "primary" row without any parent that will get up-to-date every time a new draft is saved, or even the released publish get up-to-date. Additionally, it appear such as the old "primary"-row will get replicated using the status, produced and parentId posts up-to-date, but as to the?

Things I can't see is when publish_status=revisioninherit relates to the publish. Also what happends basically begin to edit a released publish also it will get auto-saved? Let's say I press draft?

I you know what the question really boils lower to is that if I wish to place something (eg a brand new auto-save of the old publish) in to the wordpress_posts table without needing the wordpress codebase, which queries should i run?

All revisions have post_type set to revision and post_parent pointing to ID from the active entry.