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What is the SQL index name for?

create index IDX_testNoPK_Name on testNoPK (name)

I am talking about what's the purpose of index title ?

Why the index requires a title ?

Indexes need names for the similar reasons than anything else (databases, tables, posts, customers...): so that you can later make reference to them.

Some situations where you'll need a mention of the a catalog include:

  • Whenever you violate a set limit and MySQL must let you know which.
  • Whenever you generate an explain plan and wish to understand what indexes are used.
  • When you wish to decrease the index.

The title is IDX_testNoPK_Title !

CREATE INDEX IndexName on TableName (FieldName)

Index title are utilized to read Execution Plan, which states you when a catalog can be used.

The title is print around the Execution Plan, so a great naming convention on Index title will help you completely understand what your query do.

Possible Duplicate : What is the SQL index name for?

A catalog title is needed to recognize it. Naming a catalog enables you to definitely execute actions regarding this as modify, rebuild, shrink.

Without naming indexes could be impossible to produce some type of scripts.

IDX_testNoPK_Title may be the index Reputation for your table