I am applying an internet site having a CAPTCHA around the registration form my first. I have read a large number of posts around the arguments for and against, and of all of the various implementations available. I am pleased with everything but it is an essential evil during my situation.

Things I do not understand is the reason why people publish the random captcha figures within their posts, all around the web? Here's a good example from today on TDWTF. In 95 comments, 5 individuals have appended strings such as this towards the finish of the posts:

Captcha: nimis.
Captcha: augue.
Captcha: distineo.

Is a burglar risk? Could they be posting the captcha strings to ensure that they may be gathered and utilized in a panic attack? Or could they be just attempting to track themselves by embedding a random word for any subsequent Search?

Must I worry?

It is simply a part of TDWTF culture, sometimes the captchas are created into jokes.

It appears more in my experience like they just discover the random words funny.