It states that port 3306 may be busy - i've transformed it (Settings>Components Configurations) but simply nothing?

VertrigoServ → MySQL database server doesn't work properly. Check whether other programs make use of the important port (3306) and terminate them. Furthermore, check firewall configurations and correctness the configuration files.

Try in command prompt

telnet localhost 3306

exactly what does it return back?

Thnx a great deal) i had been advised to operate vertrigo with administrator rights and delay pills work now (i"ve no ide why) !!

which xDebug I'm able to use by using it → basically use the one which i did previously utilize under Home windows XP ( ) it's not recognized ?

Attempt to run as administrator .... problem solved!

I had been getting the same problem and that i have attempted it ... however it did not work with me so I've discovered another solution ...

In Config files you'll find my.ini ... open it up and you'll find "port = 3306" its online fourth during my situation ... change it out to something similar to "port = 3307" that is what Used to do and restart.

Whether it still wont work go to

"Configurations -> Program Configurations"

and click on "Go back to default configurations" and click on "Save configurations and restart server"

after server restarts

again visit "Configurations -> Program Configurations"

and let or tick "Run server as service" and "Instantly start servers" in miscellaneous tab on left the surface of the panel ...

and then always "run as administrator" ...

I didn't remember to say that I'm using Home windows 7 ...