I'm along the way of planning for a database for any social media project and happened this url the industry (crude) reverse designed guess at facebook's schema:


What wil attract in my experience may be the perception of "Organizations" and i'm attempting to completely understand the way they work, from a technical perspective. Where I'm somewhat confused is the NetworkID column within the FacebookGroups", "FacebookEvent", and "Organizations" tables (NID in Organizations). How are these network organizations interconnected?

During my own project, I've got a simple profile table:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Profiles](
    [profileid] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    [userid] [uniqueidentifier] NOT NULL,
    [username] [varchar](255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AI NOT NULL,
    [applicationname] [varchar](255) COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AI NOT NULL,
    [isanonymous] [bit] NULL,
    [lastactivity] [datetime] NULL,
    [lastupdated] [datetime] NULL,
    [profileid] ASC
    [username] ASC,
    [applicationname] ASC

One profile might have many organizations. And something affiliation might have many profiles. And I must set it up in a way that associations between organizations informs me something concerning the connected profiles. Actually, in line with the organizations that customers choose, I must understand how to infer as numerous things as you possibly can about this person.

My real question is, how must i be creating my network affiliation tables and just how will they operate per my above needs? A tough SQL schema could be appreciated in your response.

Thanks ahead of time...

To begin with, this is an object schema not really a database schema. Second, it isn't showing everything, not even close to complete. Consider the Schools class (not table) spot the relations, senior high school 1 and a pair of and school list. Would you see qualities within the Profile class to carry individuals "Foreign Secrets".

Your question can't be clarified precisely

Second, why care how facebook will it? Third Normal Form is not a black art? There is no Tome of Lost and Gone Forever understanding you are not aware of.

Would you like a many to a lot of relationship between organizations and profiles? Or Otherwise? Are you currently trying to discover interdependencies between organizations?

Why don't you just request us specific questions concerning how to design what For you to do?


One profile might have many organizations. And something affiliation might have many profiles.

This can be a many-to-many relationship.

Inside a physical database you'll need a many-many mapping table.

At it's easiest it consists of the PK from both tables and individuals posts form that table's PK.

Now just add posts towards the mapping table.

Start_date => date the profile added that affiliation

Finish_Date => basically may well remove

What else would you like to know of the Relationship.

Consider these objects 1. Video 2. Renter 3. Store

There is a many to a lot of to a lot of which was can call accommodations.

The VideoID, RenterID, StoreID,

What else would you like to learn about a "RENTAL"

  1. Date (Examined)
  2. Came back Date
  3. Deadline
  4. Discount (say it's rent 3 get 1 free which is the 4th or something like that)