I'm acquainted with both ASP.Internet and PHP and would now like to create a social media website. Before start development, I've been browsing some articles / forums and etc to discover which technology is appropriate to build up and take care of much traffic later on.

Many people prefer PHP for that development. Is only due to:

  • free
  • reduced hosting costs
  • simple for development

Or will it (together with Apache) provide any performance improvement in heavy load occasions?

Basically had the option I'd use .internet, due to the fact I've found it simpler to utilize.

Also I've found I'm able to perform the complicated insinternet far simpler compared to php. However I guess it's personal choice.

How can you intend to host your website? If you work with a host company you might want to find out if they offer .Internet (Home windows) hosting. Linux hosting is usually less costly than Home windows hosting.

PHP is the greatest choice! "freeInch and "simple for development" are two Important reasons!