Project code and project database usually develops together. Frequently some unit tests needs test databases and test database records too.

What is a fantastic way to sync database/contents and release/version management?

And will it support branching and revertation of code hands-in-hands with database data and db structure?

I presently commit my changes with comment SQL code for my svn trigger, but what is concerning the revertion of my code-changes?

What are the perfect solutions?

The easiest way of coping with this which i know is "Continuous Content ManagementInch - Google will make you tools and articles this is a great start.

OffScale DataGrove should just do that - effortlessly add the DB in to the development process.

It enables you to definitely save versions from the entire DB (data+schema), integrate together with your source control as well as instantly rollback the DB following a unit-test. Should you load a mature version from the DB it'll instantly create branches from the DB's version tree. You may also load two different versions simultaneously (it produces virtual clones) if you don't take up more room.

Actually, it had been created to address the precise use situation you are explaining.