I had been attempting to develop a 'site search' on the simple http site.

I've got a site, allows refer to it as world wide web.mycompany.com, that's pure html.

Can there be a good way to make use of solr to index the whole site to construct a complete text search using solr because the engine?

I researched for a little and may not find anything specific from the type: Perform A Do B ... profit!

Allow me to also know should i be a little served by what's solr for :P

Thanks ahead of time.

Solr is just for indexing and looking out text, it doesn't possess a crawler becasue it is the project's scope.

However have a look at Nutch, the industry crawler and fairly simple to create initially.

Nutch and Solr could be integrated if you want some Solr-specific feature to look the index.

Two other available choices you might like to take a look at are Crawl Anywhere and Heritrix