When utilizing a WYSIWYG editor in Joomla 1.5 to produce website content I'm not in a position to freely place HTML tags, for example IFRAME because the HTML tags is going to be instantly removed on saving the content. I'm able to either configure Joomla not to utilize a WYSIWYG editor making editing articles a little of the discomfort, or I'm able to pressure the Web coding in to the article using MySQL Query Browser and changing the content content directly within the site's database. Doing this is not merely cumbersome but additionally ineffective, because each time someone edits the content in the Joomla back finish WYSIWYG editor, the placed tags is going to be removed through the editor again.

It is possible to method of placing an IFRAME (or possibly JavaScript) right into a Joomla 1.5 article, without turning from the WYSIWYG editor or hacking away in the database?

Short answer: no. Joomla knows best :P

But seriously, you are able to switch off the WYSIWYG just for your user. Visit the 'User Manager', choose your bank account, and hang the 'User Editor' preference to become 'Editor - No Editor'. That method for you to key in whatever tags and code you would like, without WYSIWYG borkage. But almost every other account on the website will still get access to their WYSIWYG's.

Does not take too lengthy to toggle the WYWIWYG this way when you really need to perform a little bit of precise HTML/Javascript/etc coding.

Really, it is dependent on what you would like to set up your IFRAME. If it's a URL, you'll be able to produce a "Wrapper" module that contains the URL you would like. Type a distinctive title in to the "Position" area within the module. Then, you are able to display the outcomes within an article by placing the next in which you want the outcomes to look where XXXX may be the unique title you typed in to the module's position area.

I'd exactly the same problem that you're facing. I made use of Jumi to resolve that. It is effective.

I believe by utilizing JCE Editor in joomla you'll be able to fix each one of these problem.