I am on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server, i upgrade my php from 5.2 (didn't remember version) into latest 5.2.4 from official repo.

After a little error with eaccelerator, it run fine, however i have errors in lots of places during my legacy application (coded by another person)

Have a look some code, likely he on a regular PHP4 notation and that i would request if any php setting to compatible using this type of code:

  • did not use " or ' in global variable, example $_GET[id], $_SERVER[REQUEST_METHOD]
  • use $variable_name rather $_POST['variable_name']

already activating register_globals but does not solve problem

There is no such establishing PHP and also the PHP 5.2 version tree isn't supported any longer. I understand this isn't the solution you are searching for, but what you need to do is update the application's code to satisfy the "recently" enforced standards.