I am using MS Access 2007 for place and browse data during my application but it is really slow.

I have got a lengthy running application and when I run it in the memory it takes approximately 5 minutes, with MS Access 2007 it takes approximately 13 minutes!

I am searching for a quicker yet portable database option, I am using .Internet . I am not searching for advanced relational database stuff, the moment it really works just like a decent database, it's enough for me personally.


I am mostly doing concurrent card inserts from multiple threads.


I have attempted SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP1 and it is almost same goes with running from memory so %400 occasions faster than access + rather than a 72MB of dependency I have got 1.5MB dependency that is great.

*P.S. Database is normalised, clean, compressed and I am using saved_methods and native client. So I have attempted so lots of things to allow it to be faster already.*

In the sqlite wiki:

SQLite may be the speed demon of preference for systems that do not make heavy utilization of concurrent connections and complex database features. Should you prefer a large amount of concurrent connections, SQLite most likely is not the best option. But when you'll need a large amount of speed and a straightforward setup for any single connection, SQLite is the greatest factor I have seen.


You could also wish to have a look at mysql, pgsql or mssql (CE or Express (Both Free)), based on your requirements.

Edit: According to your comments, you'll most likely need something which operates on a server like mysql, pgsql or mssql (express)

Edit2: If you're mostly doing card inserts, make certain you do not have unused indexes inside your table, since indexes could make place/updates a little reduced.

SQL Server Express 2008. It's free, and it is SQL Server.

Honestly, I do not think you are getting considerably faster results. Your program is most likely I/O bound, meaning the rate from the disk is slowing down you lower.

You can test SQL Compact Edition (CE), however i suspect you will notice as slow or reduced is a result of every other tool.

You may also use Firebird : www.firebirdsql.org

It's free and incredibly simple to use. There's good quality .internet motorists.

Let's say you sell the application : MySQL isn't free.

Microsoft SQL server labored for my programs, although I'd rather use MySQL. I am certain MSSQL has great integration into .Internet, though, so it's most likely quickest.