I'm by using this code-

myDB.rawQuery("SELECT * FROM " + TableName+ " ORDER BY "+ params[0], null);

to sort a table by posts and delay pills work great except among the posts 's time (as with itunes) i.e. 2:35 for just two minutes 35 seconds. This will cause it to sort improperly. How do i sort it the right way? I'm using sqlite for android.

Rather than storing the date as 2:35, you could have the column store seconds, and would thus be 155 (2 minutes, 35 seconds = 155 seconds). As a result it would sort it fine. You can translate seconds to minutes/seconds within the code.

Or, should you desired to, you might have two posts, minutes and seconds.

It doesn't seem sensible to keep amount of time in a format like 2:35 if you're adjusting the information.