I am creating a digg-like voting site for christmas greetings. I am using wordpress and also the "Election upInch wordpress plugin. I'm getting a lot of troubles having the ability to sort the vop votes inside a time-frame.

You can observe what i'm saying on this website http://wordtaps.com/ Consider the time-frame on top right, that is things i want. The website also uses the "Election upInch wordpress plugin together with wordpress.

You will find a few fuctions around the "election upInch wordpress plugin page that we assume works, however i just continue getting errors after i use them when i know hardly any php.

My website is www.dinjulehilsen.no (it's on norwegian)

All assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks :)

for sorting top votes using voteitup and wordpress, you are able to tray it http://wordpress.org/support/topic/345017 . its operate in my very own social bookmark submitting nestdev.com