I am thinking about the Google's Wave project, it's listed as Apache License 2. the source is not available :

Quote :
Thanks for visiting the Wave Robot Java Client Library

This project hosts the JAR and also the JavaDoc for that Wave Robot Java Client Library. Soon, we'll also release the origin code.

Should you encounter issues when using the client library, you are able to publish them in the Problem Tracker or discuss them in the Wave API Forum.

Does the very fact it's Apache License 2. mean I'm able to decompile this and show the origin to co-workers ?

Performs this really violate the relation to APLv2 by continuing to keep the origin closed ?

The Apache License enables you to definitely distribute binaries from the software with no source—that's a primary reason it appeals greatly to companies (not too Google seems to become scared of the GPL).

Even when Google were disbursing some software underneath the GPL, they might release just binaries when they possessed the copyright towards the entire work. It might just imply that nobody else could distribute it further unless of course they arrived to having source code to distribute by using it. Remember, terms conditionally permitting distribution inside a license aren't binding upon the copyright owner.

Just wait some time. As the saying goes, they'll release the origin code too - just not. In the keynote speech I'd think that the sourcecode is going to be available sometime later this season.