We're able to observe that throughout our perl program runs which essentially connects to SQLserver to place/remove/update data, the below is known as often sp_tables @table_name='NOXXTABLE'. We have seen that for a lot of SPID's the phone call happens lots of occasions.

On running sp_tables @table_name='NOXXTABLE' in SQLserver we are able to observe that it returns no rows. It always completes in milliseconds.

But after profiling, whenever we checked the runtime from the particular SQLText(sp_tables @table_name='NOXXTABLE') for that obstructing SPID's, it had been different from between seconds to at least one minute and was getting known as super frequently inside the same SPID. Exactly the same is going on for a lot of SPID's which again have multiple calls to sp_tables each taking considerable time.

Can there be any solution to get away from this?

The NOXXTABLE can be used by DBD::ODBC's ping method. Should you call DBI's ping method with DBD::ODBC it will a tables('', '', 'NOXXTABLE', ''). If you wish to get it done less call ping less or override DBD::ODBC's ping method along with other code appropriate for the system.