I am using sphinx to list out me some products from the database here. It's almost 100%, I simply haven't determined yet how you can create an OR between two different filters. For instance:

My Object within the database includes a beginning as well as an ending date, I'm able to filter(starting_date, x, y) and filter(ending_date,x,y), but both filters will need to return in keeping with bring me the item, just how can I only say to sphinx filter this attribute, or that certain?

Requested and clarified around the Sphinx Forums.

Only possible ins9.9, while using SetSelect.


Sphinx uses for or

as with "black" OR "whitened" could be "black" "whitened" http://www.sphinxsearch.com/docs/manual-0.9.9.html#boolean-syntax

There's not a way of getting OR logic across different characteristics in Sphinx. Normally, there are 2 possible work-arounds:

  1. Have one multi-value attribute with both teams of values you need to match against - and filter on arrays of values.
  2. Whether it's exactly the same OR logic each time, mix it right into a single boolean attribute, getting the SQL statement perform the initial effort.

Using timestamps makes things a little harder though - MVAs are only concerned with integers at this time... are you currently in the end objects which are happening in a specific time? Or something like that else?