Before I recieve flamed and told this question does not seem sensible. PLease let me explain the issue.

Our atmosphere looks the following

HLB (Ace) --> redundant Apache servers --> After sales Websphere servers

Secure Traffic entering the burden Balancer, in which the SSL Certificate is decrypted. The request will be submitted to among the two apache webservers. Apache then forwards the request towards the appropriate Websphere Application server as needed. Websphere replies to the customer through the same path.

Our Networking group is telling us that SSL shall 't be placed on the webservers because it prevents them from packet tracing.

For the internally written application we're redirecting relatively then when a URL is rerouted it stays HTTPS externally as. However there exists a bought product which processes after which transmits a complete redirect to the customer being an HTTP. We feel the reason being apache receives the request not-encoded.

We are searching for a method to have apache rewrite the protocol to https for that application in Websphere (the applying is Vignette Portal)

I have attempted an easy RewriteCond % off RewriteRule (.*) https://%% but that did not work. Based on things i look at this absolute forces an immediate redirect towards the client and eventually ends up developing a loop.

I am a fairly unskilled apache admin, and also have spent your day searching the net searching at MOD_substitutem and mod_rewrite but my attempts have fallen short.

If you have experienced this I'd like to hear the way you solved the problem.