I've the next table which holds data on clients and staff. Will it be advantageous basically split it into 2 separate tables: Persons and Address? Each single person might have just one address, phone and mobile. I've got a separate table for orders.

My database is very complex and that i question if this is helpful for implementation.

Thank you, zan

Persons        |
PersonID       |
FirstName      |
LastName       |
OrderName      |
Email          |
Telephone      |
Mobile         |
StreetAddress  |
City           |
RegionID FK    |
Country        |
PostCode       |
TitleID  FK    |
PersonCat FK   |
MailingList    |

Only split tables when it is for normalizing reasons: for instance, if a person person might have multiple addresses or maybe under some individuals have a previous address (let us say 90%), which may result in many NULL values.

When not for normalizing, don't split tables.