Anybody are conscious of a database for player statistics (ideally covering National football league gamers and ideally free or inexpensive) that enables you to run SQL Choose queries?

Not National football league-data but when you are looking at soccer results you need to have a look at:

The information is supplied in Stand out- and CSV-format. Both you may be easily imported right into a database.

There's also tennis data offered at:

This really is a little of the odd question.. I would not say its a real programming one..

What you're really searching for would be to purchase information (whether it is inside a database, spreadsheet, whatever) which could then be data found.. I do not really begin to see the "programmer relevance" for the reason that..

I'd say you need to simply google away.. I'd be amazed if you can aquire a good group of data free of charge though.. Companies often pay quite a bit with this kind of information..

Good first stop might be here..

However I repeat, this almost will cost.. Companies spend considerable time and cash aggregating all the details..

I will tell you that the friend continues to be searching for such like, plus they certainly aren't free - actually the correct answer is costly - and that he wanted scores, and never even just in real-time.

This isn't live data (it's up-to-date yearly), nor could it be football, also it would need you to import it to your own DB before querying, but try

I discovered this via another StackOverflow question.

Based on the thing you need exactly this might help..

You will need to parse the file and set it to your own database though