Spring 3..1 has solid JAX-WS web services support. Simultaneously, I observe that many articles make reference to Apache CXF like a great web services framework.

Basically work early in the yearOrHibernate world and wish to expose our prime-carrying out web services towards the front-end, must i consider utilizing Apache CXF? Can there be any benefit to adding this additional framework towards the mix?

The 2 aren't mutually exclusive. Apache CXF is fully JAX-WS compliant.

Remember, JAX-WS is simply a specs. Spring talks ato that spec'd API, and does not much care which implementation you utilize. Java6 ships by having an internal JAX-WS implementation (Metro, or some of it), and CXF is basically an alternate implementation.

CXF is most likely a little more capable compared to JAX-WS that ships with Java6, but unless of course there is something specific that you'll require that Java6 does not provide, I am unsure it's well worth the bother.

For Spring and JAX-WS, Spring just causes it to be a bit simpler to make use of.