I'd an uniqueidentifier area in SQL Server (SQL Azure more specifically) which i desired to eliminate. Initially, after i went the code as pointed out in SQL Azure table size to look for the size on the table it had been about .19 Megabytes.

Like a initial step I set all values within the uniqueidentifier area to null. You will find no constraints/indexes which use the column. Now, after i went the code to look for the table dimensions the table had elevated in dimensions to around .23 Megabytes. You will find no records being put into a table (its inside a staging atmosphere).

I proceeded to remove the column also it still hovered in the same range. How come the database size show a rise after i remove a column. Any suggestions?

Setting an uniqueidentifier column to NULL value doesn't alter the record size by any means, since is really a fixed size type (16 bytes). Shedding a set size column column doesn't alter the record size, unless of course may be the last column within the physical layout and also the space could be used again later. ALTER TABLE ... DROP COLUMN is just a logical operation, it really marks the posts as dropped, see SQL Server Columns Under the Hood.

To be able to reclaim the area you have to drop the column after which rebuild the clustered index on the table, see ALTER INDEX ... REBUILD.

For that record (since SHRINK isn't permitted in SQL Azure anyway) around the stand alone SQL Server SHRINK would had solved nothing, this isn't about page reservation but about physical record size.

It's counting the amount of reserved pages to calculate the dimensions. Removing a column may reduce the amount of pages which are really employed to store data, however the recently-freed pages are most likely still restricted to future card inserts.

I believe you'd have to shrink the database to determine the dimensions decrease, according to: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/ssdsgetstarted/thread/ae698613-79d5-4f23-88b4-f42ee4b3ad46/

Being an aside, I'm fairly certain setting the need for a non-variable-length column (just like a GUID) to null won't help you save any space whatsoever- only removing the column is going to do so. This per Space used by nulls in database