I'm attempting to place right into a table while using input from another table. Even though this is entirely achievable for a lot of database engines, I usually appear to find it difficult to recall the correct syntax for that SQL engine during the day (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, and DB2).

It is possible to silver-bullet syntax originating from an SQL standard (for instance, SQL-92) that will let me place the values without worrying concerning the underlying database?

Here's an SQL Statement that appears to become quite associated with what should focus on any RDBMS and get the end result. However, because of my inability to set up all RDBMS software and test this question, I am unable to make sure.

If this sounds like wrong within an RDBMS, please inform me.

The SQL:

Place INTO table1 ( column1 )

Choose  col1

FROM    table2

@Shadow_x99: That will work fine, and you will also provide multiple posts along with other data too:

Place INTO table1 ( column1, column2, someInt, someVarChar )

Choose  table2.column1, table2.column2, 8, 'some string etc.'

FROM    table2

WHERE   table2.ID = 7

Edit: I ought to point out that I have only used this syntax with Access, SQL 2000/2005/Express, MySql, and PostGres, so individuals ought to be covered.