I'm presently focusing on a project that's located at GoDaddy and contains a sizable database. (Periodically placing countless rows). It keeps filling the transaction logs and also, since GoDaddy sets the SQL user up without permission to essentially do anything whatsoever, I am unable to truncate it. The 200mb database max isn't ideal either. A VPS is not within the cards with this company at this time, and so i am stuck looking for a hosting that is shared provider that office SQL Server 2008 only hosting.

Soooooo, my real question is, does anybody are conscious of a webhost that does SQL Server 2008 hosting that they'll attest to and provide kudos?

Cheers men &lifier gals!

To create a lengthy story short, the greater assets you utilize, the not as likely you'll have the ability to make use of a shared company to suit your needs. Should you operate a Search, you will discover numerous :) However, sooner or later you will have to acquire some devoted assets should you intend on using SQL Server.

It may sound like you are attempting in order to save costs, that is totally understandable, but as the word goes "you have to pay cheap, you have to pay two times".

DiscountASP.Internet appears like the best place for any problem I am focusing on right now that has similar needs. They begin you served by 500MB of space (+1GB TLog), and you will subscribe to more.

Disclaimer: I've not registered together yet, but I have been searching at a few of the options, and that i keep heading back...