I am creating a database for internal use inside my company which will store data that's created by my team people. While SQL Server is going to be installed only on one server machine, my team people will have to have the ability to access the information and run filter/choose queries onto it using their own devices (for example, look for the merchandise from the specified brand which had the max score on the certain test). Clearly, I could design an internet interface or C# application that did this, but I am sure there is a client side application already available that will allow this too.

Same with there? Even just like a free Microsoft downloadable possibly? I you know what I am really searching for is really a query builder of sorts. I recall dealing with Access in older days also it were built with a nice GUI for creating nice little queries with max/min/average options and fitlers aplenty that is what I am searching for.

Also, table management (a la PHPMyAdmin) could be nice, but is not necessary. The main factor my team people have to have the ability to do operates choose queries such as the example I gave within the first paragraph. They do not even have to do insertions always because I've got a separate system setup for your.


P.S. I discovered Acitve QueryBuilder and DbVisualizer through Google, plus they both look wonderful. However, both of them have a price too. It is possible to free alternative? Or, otherwise, are both of these I discovered good query contractors? Or exist other ones which are better?

Update: I simply recognized that although I can not install SQL Server Developer on my team members' devices, I can install the Express edition, including the management studio. I am a new comer to the program, but I'll fool around with this and find out whether it does things i want and publish back...

You clarified yourself: SQL Management Studio Express Edition may be the right tool to do the job. Then if you want to restrict some access make use of the same tool as DBO and make the logins you'll need using the specific access limitations to databases or objects active in the project.

Only one detail, with SQL Management Studio Express Edition you can't manipulate backup copies or copies of the database bigger than 1 Gigabyte.

You are able to install just Management Studio on their own machines without needing to install the SQL Engine. The download for this is here.