Within our project (that is fully developed using .Internet), we make use of a medium-sized database a couple of GB in dimensions. Presently we're using SQL Express edition

How can the alternates for SQL Server Express perform? I'm mainly thinking about MySQL and PostgreSQL. (Home windows 7 x86, x64)

  • Can there be any compelling benefit to using MySQL or PostgreSQL?
  • How about the native .Internet object support?
  • Built-in XML types?
  • Supporting Binary data?
  • Support of the similar tool like Management Studio?
  • Installation ease?
  • Memory footprint?
  • Performance evaluations of those 3 databases?

Could it be even worth thinking about these options, especially thinking about the truth that we're b .Internet shop?

I've known to those related questions:

I am a individual who does not believe simply because you're a .Internet shop you need to make use of a Microsoft SQL Server Product, although Microsoft loves it should you choose. Obviously it ties in really nicely using the native libraries and development tools from Microsoft. In my experience this is where the benefits really stop for SQL Server and it is much more of a even playing area along with other database systems.

MySQL - Avoid it, everything has become ugly and can get uglier since Oracle is the owner of it. Not worth needing to pay to utilize a second rate free database for me when you are able use PostgreSQL free of charge and without fear.

PostgreSQL - An excellent option. BSD license is free of charge and alter the origin. No limit on data lot's of features. But when install time is the driving excuse for leaving SQL Express PostgreSQL does install pretty fast on Home windows or Linux, how quickly I'm not sure because I do not care whether it takes one minute or ten minutes on my small systems. On the Linux box it is fast should you pre-compile it or make use of a package install, I'd say under ten minutes.

How about the native .Internet object support? Unsure what this really is.

Built-in XML types? PG yes.

Supporting Binary data? PG yes.

Support of the similar tool like Management Studio? PG yes pgadmin or perhaps a couple of other 3rd party suppliers.

Installation ease? Easy with increased options than SQL Server. For instance you are able to compile with various page size should you desired to.

Memory footprint? Could be big or small for the way you adjust memory configurations.

Performance evaluations of those 3 databases? Well SQL express can't hold a lot more than 4 to 10GB forget just how much 2008 express can perform. Which means you aren't evaluating apples to oranges here. However I would say these are capable of doing well if used properly. PG works perfectly.

Could it be even worth thinking about this different (especially thinking about the truth that we're b .Internet shop)? Yes it's worth thinking about but is dependent if cost matters for you. My prediction is sooner or later you'll out grow the express edition and need to start purchasing a payed version. Microsoft understands how to sell and it is area of the model that you'll out grow express. You cannot fail choosing PostgreSQL if you possess the opportunity to test drive it and validate it inside your atmosphere use this time around to check. Don't just default to SQL Server since your b .Internet shop.

Older publish that contributes for this and it is much more true today. http://archives.postgresql.org/pgsql-advocacy/2005-07/msg00008.php

Should you using things like LINQ to SQL it requires a bit more attention to really make it work, and MySQL and PostgreSQL aren't supported that well.

I finally accomplished things i wanted with MySQL using DBLinq however it required a while.