I'm presently attempting to run SQL Server Management Studio 2008 like a user who's on the different domain. I observed in other threads that running the next command from the batch script is going to do nevertheless this it does not appear to dedicate yourself me.

runas /netonly /user:DOMAINUSER "C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100ToolsBinnVSShellCommon7IDESsms.exe"

I'm requested my password, the Login screen seems nevertheless the Home windows Authentication password continue to be improperly the presently drenched in impersonated user around the local Domain. Trying for connecting towards the database alternatively domain is not successful regardless.

This appears to dedicate yourself many people, the kicker for me personally is this fact domain is available on the VPN connection. I'm not in a position to see the VPN domain network computer systems during my Network Places, and therefore I am unable to Add Customers in charge Panel.

My OS is Vista Business regrettably, I am unable to help this.

Any ideas could be appreciated.

Do this:


You'll be motivated for the password. This determines a NetBIOS session using the database server. You need to have the ability to begin to see the shared folders and shared ink jet printers around the database server after you have done that.

In the event that works you need to have the ability to connect using SSMS as yourself. You might want to specify "named pipes" because the network protocol to usem, whether it does not use TCP (but It will).

  • Menu->File->Connect Object Explorer...
  • Options->Connection Qualities->Network protocol
  • Specify "Named pipes"

Named Pipes gets your existing NetBIOS session, so provided kinds the shares you're most likely all set.