There exists a warehouse database that consists of annually of information so far. I wish to create report database that signifies the final 3 several weeks of information for confirming reasons. I wish to have the ability to keep your two databases synchronized. At this time, every ten minutes I perform package which will grab the newest rows in the warehouse and adds these to the report db. However , I only get new rows although not new updates.

I must know do you know the other ways of fixing this.


consider replication, reflecting or log shipping

If you work with SQL 2000 or below, replication is the best choice. As you are carrying this out every 10 mins, you need to certainly take a look at transactional replication.

If you work with SQL 2005 or greater, you've more options open to you. Database pictures, log shipping, and reflecting as SQLMenace recommended above. The viability of those vary based on your hardware. You'll have to do your homework to choose the perfect one to your requirements.

You need to most likely find out about replication, or request your DB admin about this.

Can you really add posts for this database? You could include a final_Activity column towards the DB and also the write a trigger that updates the date/timestamp on that row to mirror the most recent edit. For just about any new records, the date/time would reflect the timestamp once the row was added.

By doing this, whenever you grab the final three several weeks, you would be getting the final three months' activity, not only the brand new stuff.