I have lately switched to running my development atmosphere over our company's VPN using NetExtender. It might now appear that my database driven programs are actually timing out the very first time they struggle hitting the database. Following the timeout (30 sec approximately) as well as an additional 5-ten seconds, all DB calls succeed. Throughout the five-ten seconds the timeout error fact is sent immediately. It appears to become associated with when SQL Server needs to produce a new database session for me personally. Every time I have to be designated a brand new client process ID, I timeout. This can be a huge problem when utilizing Resharper + NUnit like a test harness as every time the exams are run, a brand new demonstration of resharper's unit test runner is produced thusly leading to me to timeout. Server timeout appears to become around thirty seconds, that is certainly generous enough for any link with be established.

Have you ever solve this and/or perhaps is still it relevant?

Anyway, it may sound in my experience like maybe it's a DNS problem. When the primary DNS isn't correctly set up and it is inaccessible in the VPN client, it'll timeout and pass onto the secondary.

Furthermore, some VPNs permit you to access some local assets - this might place the DNS by yourself, local network in play.

I believe I'd try altering the DNS-order and find out in the event that have been effective.