I'm using SQL Server 2005 to Extract XML data. I'd appreciate outside assistance removing the next XML snippet?

    <CHILD_A _attribA="ABC">
       <CHILD_B Type="1">
             <CHILD_D Type="1" Date="2010-08-31">
                <CHILD_E _attribB="M0">

How do you obtain the data within the following tabular format? ELEMENT_A _attribA CHILD_A CHILD_B CHILD_C CHILD_D CHILD_E CHILD_F

Note: Let me use choose by nodes e.g. the next will get me the need for the very first Attribute:
choose v.value('@_attribA[1]','nvarchar(4)') from @doc.nodes('/ELEMENT_A/CHILD_A') x(v)

Greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Hope this isn't past too far for you personally. I saw your question just today

v.value('../../../../../@_attribA','nvarchar(4)')  as _attribA
,v.value('../../@Date','nvarchar(12)') as [Date]
,v.value('../@_attribB','nvarchar(2)') as _attribB
,v.value('.','float') as CHILD_F
,v.query('../../../../..') as CHILD_A