I wish to produce a trigger for any column, but like me developing a web form i'd rather not permit the user to determine that id. Then when ever a person is added, I wish to increment that id as us001, us002, etc. How do i do this? I'm placing through c# but don't wish to place into this ID column... it will directly be placed.

Instead of utilizing a trigger, you can return the userid produced through the database with the addition of SET @userid = SCOPE_IDENTITY()" and out of this you may create a a string

string generatedUserId = "us" + returnValue.ToString("000");

after which doing an update while using came back value id and also the produced user id.

This is a guide that could give you much more of a concept: http://www.davidhayden.com/blog/dave/archive/2006/02/16/2803.aspx

Hope this can help!