This really is my very first time trying to utilize a database in ASP.Internet, and I've got a problem here:

My database is on my small computer (localhost), also it throws the best on me after i click on the "submit" button :

SQLException was unhandled by user code. Login unsuccessful for user ".

    protected void Register_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("server = localhost ;uid=; Password= database = Movies;");
        string firstName = UsernameTextBox.Text;
        string sqlquery = ("INSERT INTO [Movie] (FirstName) VALUES (' " +FirstNameTextBox.Text + " ' ");

        SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(sqlquery , connection);
        command.Parameters.AddWithValue("FirstName", firstName);

Because the server is on my small computer, I do not have any username, right?!

You need to do require a account information, otherwise you should utilize integrated security, which means your home windows qualifications are utilized.

You can include integrated security for your connection the following:

SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection("server = localhost ;integrated security=SSPI; database = Movies;");

A great resource for connection strings is

SQL server always takes a username, be it in your machine or perhaps a remote machine.

I'd suggest searching www.asp.internet or try Google to discover the way you configure your patricular version of SQL Server

Take a look site for connectionstrings for those who have trouble with formating the connectionstring