I have got a GoDaddy hosting that is shared account, and that i require a database that's bigger compared to 200MB limit enforced on the incorporated databases.

I am searching for a method to create MDF and LDF files in your area from the SQL Server 2005 Express server, and copy them into my webspace. However, I am not getting any luck making that actually work. GoDaddy will not help, and will not comment regarding how to make this happen, or even when it is possible. I have never labored with hooking up straight to MDF files either, which reduces things for me personally.

Does anybody have experience achieving this with GoDaddy, or otherwise, then with another similar hosting atmosphere? I'd appreciate any insight you can provide - particularly, exactly what the connection string need to look like, and then any fundamental security I'd have to affect my database just before removing it from my local server.

Basically can't attempt, then my only reasonable option left will be able to think about is......Microsoft Access.

Thanks greatly for that help.

SQL Express runs like a shared service about the box. If you're searching for personal files based database you should look at Microsoft SQL Compact, SQLite, or even the new csharp-sqlite port.

You can create the files in your area and copy them as much as the server, however you'll have to attach your files to their SQL Instance and I'd guess that might be prohibited because the server might possibly not have write permissions for your area.

You should not need to create the MDF or LDF files in the SQL express server, they ought to be produced. It's really a few finding them on your pc. Mine would seem to be inside a folder such as this: C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL ServerMSSQL.1MSSQLData

There's a LOG folder like a brother or sister towards the Data forlder too. I have not carried this out with godaddy but it's not unusual, it's how Visual Studio treates growth and development of database aware web applications. There must be an Application_Data folder the MDF and LDF files would live. You would then have to improve your config string to something similar to this:


    <add title="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="databasesEquals.SQLEXPRESSIntegrated Security=SSPIAttachDBFilename=DataDirectoryaspnetdb.mdfUser Instance=true" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient"/>


A few of the configurations within the config may be wrong for you personally situation however i would take a look at these sources for more information.



Best of luck!

What hosting package have you got? Are you able to give a connect to a webpage about the godaddy site that shows your hosting plan. I am unsure just what the technical limitation you are attempting to beat is.

Also, perhaps you have attempted uploading a backup of the database, and giving a RESTORE command into it?